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Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH

Concentrating on the essentials:
fruit juice and beverage concentrates in award-winning brand quality.
Patented dispensers. Practical solutions. Direct to you.
From our own production in Germany.

As a market-leading specialist for the production of fruit juice and beverage concentrates, the highest product quality has always been the claim of Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH.

Our know-how: 
ORANKA, FRISCO, fruit juice concentrate trading, 
Industrial services and product development from a single source.

Our recipe for success since ever –
Concentration on the essentials

The in-house brand ORANKA has been a tradition since 1938.
We develop and produce fruity and refreshing beverage concentrates in multiple award-winning product quality in Germany and set international standards with our patented beverage system.

Product quality and safety –
Brand quality Made in Germany

With us, you get everything from a single source: product development, purchasing, manufacturing, product safety, hygiene guarantee and quality assurance.

Our in-house food laboratory and established cooperation with external testing laboratories ensure product safety and the best brand quality Made in Germany.

One of the many foundations for best quality – the in-house mineral water well

From a depth of over 320 metres, we extract particularly pure and naturally fresh water from our in-house ORANKA mineral water well. This serves as the basis for numerous beverage concentrate recipes.

Mineral water is created by the seepage of rainwater. Over decades, the water seeps into the ground and passes through various layers of earth and rock, where it is naturally filtered and absorbs various minerals and trace elements. During the filtration process, the water is simultaneously enriched with various minerals and trace elements (magnesium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate, sodium, etc.). These are then present in dissolved form in the water and can later – by drinking our mineral water – be absorbed particularly easily by the body.

In contrast to conventional drinking water, which is usually obtained from ground and surface water and then often artificially treated, ORANKA mineral water comes from a depth of over 320 metres. Filtered through the mighty layers of rock and soil in our region, the water gathers there drop by drop to form a natural spring that is completely protected from external influences. The longer the water goes through this process, the more minerals it absorbs and the greater the purifying effect of the natural filtration of the soil. Thanks to its natural origin, it ultimately remains fresh and clear. And this is how ORANKA mineral water is finally brought to the surface and used or bottled directly at its source for our innovative recipes – originally pure, unadulterated and pleasantly wholesome.

Flexibility in filling –
for Tetra-Pak, bottles and sachets

A wide variety of preparation and filling options are available. Because flexibility is part of our DNA.

Kind Trinkt ORANKA Orangensaft

Our social commitment –
we let actions speak instead of words

Social responsibility is very important to us. And since we at Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH prefer to let actions speak instead of words, in keeping with our brand philosophy of "focusing on the essentials", we are happy to get involved with the charitable association "Freundeskreis DIE ARCHE Hamburg e.V." for needy children from destitute families, among others. Because every child has a right to a carefree childhood and a positive future.

We also support Die Hamburger Tafel e.V. and make our social contribution to the needy in the region.

Find an international ORANKA sales partner

Weltkarte Wolfgang Jobmann Vertriebspartner

Is your country not listed?
We are expanding. Feel free to contact us and convince us with your local expertise.

Our brand history –
over 75 years of experience

Today: ORANKA continues to develop. With even more variability and variety of taste, our beverage system bears witness to the highest quality and sustainable standards.

2021: With innovative strength and brand quality things are getting "fruity" despite the Corona crisis:
52 awards from the DLG e. V. (including 20 x gold and 27 x silver) underline the success of our sustainable company and development processes, as well as our high product standards.

2020: The newly developed and particularly practical ORANKA Vital Sachets offer fruity drinking pleasure with flexibility like never before.

2018: Our organic fruit juice concentrates receive the "Superior Taste Award 2018" in a blind taste test. The ORANKA Vital fruit drinks with vitamin D are market leaders. Our innovative Vital products are geared to the natural needs of humans and combine selected fruits, as well as valuable vitamins and the mineral zinc in a functional way to create a particularly refreshing, low-calorie and vitalising taste experience.

2016: Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH receives the "Bundesehrenpreis" (German National Award) from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the DLG e.V. certifies our beverage concentrates as having "outstanding product quality".

2015: The innovative ORANKA fruit nectars with stevia are developed. They contain more fruit and less sugar than commercially available nectars – with full flavour.

2014: ORANKA beverage concentrates again win various gold, silver and bronze medals from the DLG e.V. (a total of 31 awards, 10 of which were gold).

2013: Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH is a certified producer of organic fruit drinks (DE ÖKO 001) in accordance with Article 29 (1) of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and becomes a "leading company" for outstanding customer service for the first time.

2012: ORANKA beverage concentrates win gold, silver and bronze medals from the DLG e.V.

2009: Extension of the company building. The focus is on an even better service for our customers through additional employees.

2005-2007: Due to strong demand, the company building is expanded to include additional halls.

1988-heute: The ORANKA beverage system is continuously improved. Numerous patents are developed and granted. The ORANKA brand expands rapidly and conquers new markets.

1988: The company is taken over by Wolfgang Jobmann GmbH.

1971: Success needs space. Therefore, a new building is built and the company headquarters relocated from Hamburg to Reinbek.

1962: Relocation of the company headquarters to Hamburg.

1949: The company ORANKA is founded in Schleswig an der Schlei. From then on, "ORANKA - die Fabelhafte" is on everyone's lips in Northern Germany.

1938: The ORANKA brand is officially entered in the register of the Trademark Office.

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