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The most important goal of our daily work is the satisfaction of our customers.


Best quality &
unique service

We not only offer you the best quality at fair prices, but also unique service, for which we have received the award as "Leitbetrieb Deutschland".

Find out more about our unique all-round service below. Your satisfaction is our goal.

The ORANKA customer service –
always competent, even in your vicinity

A professional team of employees is there for you personally. Thanks to our dense international sales network, you always have a competent field service employee in your vicinity. this means you have a personal contact for all your individual needs: advice, drinks, delivery, technology and service. And all this without any additional costs.

Simply let us convince you of our award-winning product quality – for example, by a non-binding demonstration or trial installation at your premises. We will be happy to clarify any questions you may have and arrange a prompt appointment with you.

We take care of the dispensers –
You take care of your business

The dispensers are maintained and repaired in our dispenser workshop. So you always have a reliably functioning beverage supply for your customers and staff.

Our know-how: 
ORANKA, FRISCO, fruit juice concentrate trading, 
Industrial services and product development from a single source.

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ORANKA concentrates - Ingredients and nutritional values

Your questions –
Our answers

In our FAQ, you will find quick answers to your possible questions.

General questions about the ordering process, the beverage system and the company

The prices of our concentrates are agreed individually according to customer needs. Please feel free to ask for an offer and let yourself be positively surprised.

We deliver free of charge to your facility for quantities of six or more single-variety cartons of concentrate. Smaller order quantities of 3 or more single-variety cartons are also possible by individual agreement, but then always accompanied by a freight surcharge.

You can order from us very flexibly. You have the option of placing your order simply by e-mail, by telephone or by fax. We also work with various third-party ordering systems.

Only ORANKA is the original and offers you numerous product advantages with various innovative beverage systems – regardless of whether it is award-winning brand quality, the highest level of hygiene safety, innovative additional product benefits or the unique all-round service – with ORANKA, you are always on the safe side. For detailed information on the numerous benefits, please visit the respective product information pages on our website
Our concentrates are packed 12 Tetra-Pak each in a carton.
The ORANKA dispenser (as well as any required spare parts) and the maintenance service are completely free of charge for you. By means of the rental agreement, you undertake to handle our equipment with care on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions.
If you have received an ORANKA dispenser from us, we will conclude a loan agreement with you which can be terminated by either party with four weeks' notice.
ORANKA products offer you numerous quality features and advantages. For reasons of space, only a few are listed here in key points: Numerous DLG gold and silver awards, Bundesehrenpreis (German National Award) (quote) "Outstanding product quality", Superior Taste Award, allergen-free according to Food and Drug Directive, vegan, without preservatives, without artificial colouring, gluten-free, lactose-free, with vitamin C, with vitamin D, etc.
Yes, it sounds "crazy", but it is. For us, partnership starts with trust. We at ORANKA only expect that exclusively our products are used in the dispensers at least in the agreed quantity.

You can reach us by phone, via the contact form on our website, by e-mail or by fax. And, of course, you can also contact your personal account manager in the area directly, they will be happy to help you.

In addition to our various dispenser system solutions, you also have the option of switching to our clever carafe systems for existing smaller requirements.
For reasons of space, we can only mention a few advantages here: over 50 DLG awards; the only dispenser recommended by the BVLK e. V.; brand quality for over 80 years; leading company for excellent customer service; innovative and healthy concentrates (with vitamins and minerals); etc.
ORANKA is available exclusively through our own central distribution.
Of course we are listed with many purchasing associations. Just ask us about it.

The beverage system is suitable for anyone who wants to obtain a beverage supply of at least 100 litres of ready-to-drink beverage per month in multiple award-winning quality at fair conditions. Due to the concentration and storability at room temperature, you also save an enormous amount of storage space and are also provided with a complete beverage system, which is the only one recommended by the BVLK.

As a rule, your delivery will leave our warehouse one working day after receipt of your order (provided your order was received by 12 noon the day before). Our working days are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays, of course).

Invoices are preferably sent by e-mail. This relieves the environment, serves your digital processes and saves resources.

Questions about our fruit drink concentrates

Opened Tetra-Paks can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 60 hours.

The shelf life of our concentrates corresponds to at least 18 months after production when unopened, the remaining shelf life directly following this is of course less.

The concentrates can be stored unopened at room temperature (approx. 20°C). We recommend refrigeration for maximum and long-lasting freshness, but this is not a "must".

Sweeteners do not provide calories, nor do they have a negative effect on dental health or blood sugar levels. As a result, sweeteners contribute to a balanced diet in terms of taste and nutrition.

The organic concentrates come from certified farms in the EU / non-EU.

What ingredients do the products contain? All concentrates are fruit and/or soft drink formulations. Our drink concentrates are entirely allergen-free, vegan and contain no preservatives. You can find the individual product information here.

According to our hygiene instructions, the ready-to-drink beverage can remain in our switched-on dispensers for 60 hours.

ORANKA is a liquid fruit juice concentrate.

Yes. All our products are suitable for diabetics. You will find a corresponding declaration on the back of our product image on the dispenser. Here you will also find the nutritional values in the product specification (in addition to the ingredients) so that you can include our drinks in your diet plan. All our drink concentrates are also allergen-free according to the Food and Drug Directive.

We use sodium cyclamate, acesulfame-K and sodium saccharin as sweeteners in our balanced recipe. The 1+9 Stevia fruit nectars contain steviol glycosides (natural sweetness of stevia leaves) as sweeteners.

We source our raw materials with the highest quality standards from all over the world.
No, our concentrates are not "kosher".
The declaration of each drink and thus the product specification can be found transparently on the back of the product image on the dispenser.

Questions about our dispensers and beverage distribution

All attachments without electrical plugs can be cleaned easily and hygienically in a dishwasher.
Any required spare parts and dispenser maintenance are currently completely free of charge for you.

Your individual requirements for ORANKA dispensers will be determined in a discussion with your personal account manager on site, based on your needs and our GTC.

Our dispenser has a very low power consumption due to its efficient cooling technology (by means of thermostat switching and energetically highly efficient cold transfer). The average consumption in everyday life is in the range of an energy-saving lamp.
No. We provide you with the patented ORANKA dispensers exclusively and free of charge on a loan basis, and on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions.
Should a technical defect actually occur, please contact your personal customer advisor on site in the first instance. He/she will discuss the procedure with you and then coordinate and clarify everything else.
As soon as the cooling ring and dispensing hose become unsightly, they must be replaced.
You do not have to dispose of any part of our dispenser system (except cooling rings and dispensing hoses). Your customer advisor will take defective parts back with him on his next visit to your premises, and we will subsequently feed them into the raw material recycling cycle.
As a rule, the dispensers are serviced by us every six months.

The ORANKA dispenser is the only beverage system recommended by the BVLK, the Federal Association of Food Inspectors in Germany.
The ORANKA container lid can be locked and the beverage dispenser can optionally be secured outside operating hours. All parts can be cleaned hygienically in the dishwasher.
The cold transfer occurs via the stainless steel base with assured hygiene in accordance with HACCP.
The top is removable when filled, as it is a closed and secured system.

You can use both 10 litre and 20 litre containers for our dispensers.
When a unit is installed for the first time, instruction by your account manager is of course free of charge.
Dimensions with 10 litre
container volume:
Width: 30.0 cm
Height: 63.0 cm
Depth: 34.5 cm

Dimensions with 20 litre
container volume:
Width 30.0 cm
Height: 80.5 cm
Depth: 34.5 cm
No, a direct water connection is not required. The concentrate and the water are poured into the container from above. You can also purchase the matching measuring cups from us as an option.

Do you have any further questions?

We are happy to be there for you, just contact us!